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I just created [[:bugzilla:45177|Bug 45177 - Imported edits don't show up on Special:Contributions on sa.wikiquote]]. Best regards --<small>[[User:MF-Warburg|MF-W]]</small> ०४:५१, २० फ़ेब्रुवरि २०१३ (IST)
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Dear Shubha, based on the vote, I have granted temporary adminship for 3 months to expire on 2016-04-25. Please remember to translate the interface at translatewiki.net only and preferably upload images to Wikimedia Commons. To prolong your adminship, please come back a few days before the status expires or hold a local election if the community grows. Thanks. [[सदस्यः:Taketa|Taketa]] ([[सदस्यसम्भाषणम्:Taketa|सम्भाषणम्]]) १९:०८, २५ जनवरी २०१६ (IST)


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