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Hello, I'm Wiki13 from the Dutch Wikipedia.

Globally I primarily deal with anti-vandalism work as part of SWMT. I'm a global rollbacker and a former global sysop. I am also a former administrator on Wikidata, where I helped in the early days to get Wikidata close to the level it is nowadays, a full fletched wiki project.

My native language is Dutch, but I can also understand Afrikaans and English.

(some useful links: local admin help cross-wiki - WM:RFH - WM:OPD - SearchWiki - Interwiki shortcuts - SRG - WM:CSD - SRSD)
"https://sa.wikiquote.org/wiki/सदस्यः:Wiki13" इत्यस्माद् प्रतिप्राप्तम्